Sell In Australia

The main aim of defining specifications and regulations is to ensure safety and consistent quality. Safety becomes important more so when we are dealing with electrical equipment, because poor quality electrical equipment can lead to fatality due to electrocution or fire which may be caused due to a short circuit. Specifications and regulations differ from country to country because of different approaches to safety. Hence, if one wants to sell in a particular country, it becomes essential that we adhere to the specifications and regulations of the intended market. Whether our products meet the specifications of a country or not is determined through obtaining a certification to that effect in the desired country.

 Getting certification is like crossing through a labyrinth of rules, regulations and measures. If you do not understand the specifications and regulations or the philosophy behind them, it becomes exhausting. For example, getting certification for selling your products in Australia requires that we understand the applicable legislation, standards, required test reports and accreditation of labs for testing the product for a territory, required registrations with local regulators for the product for a territory and the list of documentations required as part of Technical files.

This is followed by obtaining the the design requirements that need to be met to successfully clear all the tests and certifications for the product . Undertaking testing of the products to ensure that the standards are met. At times, once the product has been certified, it may need to be registered with the local regulator. For getting the certification and regulatory approval, technical construction files are required to be prepared in specific formats that are understood by the regulator.

There are a large number of Medium and Small Scale companies in India with fantastic products and with a dream to export them. However, these companies get bogged down when it comes to obtaining the requisite certification and regulatory registrations. In all such cases it always helps if you have some one in the target market helping you out. But it will be even more convenient if a company in India could help you get these certifications without you needing to travel to the target country.
Adler Technoserve offers such services where in we have our resident consultant in Australia who would assist the MSMEs in the following:-
  • Determining initial scope of work.
  • Determine the design requirements.
  • Documentation verification.
  • Testing.
  • Registration.
  • Developing the Technical Construction Files.
The MSMEs in India need to only interact with our team in Pune who would be glad to meet you and understand your requirements. And all this at very reasonable rates.The best part is, if you have an Australian certification, the same are valid and acceptable in EU also.
So if you have any of the following products in your line up and you want to export them to Australia, New Zealand or EU, please send your query to us at -
  • Luminaires (lighting systems).
  • Fans.
  • External Power Supplies.
  • Switches and Relays.
  • Electrical eclosures.
  • Couplers.
  • Cables.
  • Residual current devices.
  • Diode based laser cutting devices.